Miscellaneous Resources/Research Sites

General Resources

How to Find Out When Inmates Will Appear in Court

It can be frustrating to follow the case of someone who is in prison, especially if you do not know what is happening with the case. However, you have many options for finding information about inmates, including when they will appear in court. (Attorneys.com)

Books and Films about the Wrongly Convicted

Books and films about those wrongly convicted of crimes throughout history.

Collateral Consequences Resource Center

Site focused on collateral consequences of criminal conviction and restoration of rights, and news, commentary, and tools.

Consultant Journal: Jury Consultants

A jury consultant works with a legal team during jury selection, a trial and sometimes post trial. In most cases, a jury consultant is hired for expert insight into human behavior, not for knowledge of law itself.

Research Tools

The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook

This Handbook explains how a prisoner can start a lawsuit in federal court, to fight against mistreatment and bad conditions in prison. Because most prisoners are in state prisons, we focus on those. However, people in federal prisons and city or county jails will be able to use the Handbook too. (The Center for Constitutional Rights)

Free Law Dictionary

This dictionary is based on Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd edition, with a large volume of additions for all of your legal dictionary needs. App also available.

Legislative Resources

Criminal Justice Database And Bill Tracking

A list of databases/bill tracking maintained by the National Conference of State Legislatures Criminal Justice department.

ACLU: The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA)

The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) makes it harder for prisoners to file lawsuits in federal court. This fact sheet outlines the information you need to know before filing a lawsuit.