Mothers of Felons website

Let me Hafeezah Ahmad, Mother of seven inspired children, and founder of  Mothers of Felons website, introduce you to me and my world of thoughts.  Yes, I am the mother of a felon. Wanting to connect with others who have to walk that walk of despair and often shame.  While many may, not know that you have done your very best in being there for your child/ren or loves ones. Yet, often you will be left out of the process of the court processing. You will need to show the beautiful, loving kind side of your child and their importance in the family, life. Ex: video, pictures, etc. for court. The human/ positive side of your love one.

However, there is a greater calling for many that are going through this catastrophic event and the changes will soon follow. Such as self-awareness, new friendships, losses, new loves and may God forbid illness and self-doubt. Just to name a few.

This site is about encouraging through the written words, videos and the discussions that will occur to bring peace of mind, and that, all will be well and work out for the better of all of those involved. Helping one to have a one-stop-way in locating their loved ones. Also in finding out what are the charges and the collateral consequences of their deeds if there is any.

Yes, this site was developed out of my frustration in dealing with my son’s criminal behavior and but it is my wanting for other Mothers, Lovers, and Caregivers not to feel that this is the end of living and having a good life. By presenting a one-stop way to have the information that is needed to be well informed and armed with the knowledge to meet the challenge ahead.

Thank you for stopping on my page. This is a mother and son adventure. Also, check out my website also please sign up so that we can stay in touch.