New Prison Bill passing

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The Senate is taking up the package of sham “tougher on crime” legislation for a full vote today, and they have said they will pass them.  These bills stand in direct opposition to the overwhelming evidence that the so-called tough on crime policies fail to improve public safety and instead drive greater instability, economic dislocation, and more crime by separating families and destabilizing communities.
Governor Evers has the power to stop this and he must do so. We hope that you’ll join us in asking him to veto these bills and to commit to rebuilding lives, not building two new prisons.


We need everyone to let the Governor know that the last thing we need is more people in prison. Please activate your networks and call his office at (608) 266-1212, or send him an email at  You can also  use this to this form to take action and email the governor if that is easier for you:

For further info check out the website at
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Hafeezah Ahmad

Hafeezah Ahmad

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