Coronavirus and the criminal justice sysytem

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So, here at Mothers of Felons, we have gathered many resources to aid in helping one to walk the journey. Check out the various tabs on the site. Also thanks so much for stopping. Don’t forget to sign up for the updates and help with building a community of strong women banding together to make a difference in the criminal justice system.

Check out the Corrlink website the link will take you to the FQ page. Please read and know just what one is getting into upon signing up. Also, check out the Marshall Project and their article on Coronavirus and its effects on the incarcerated. Their information is very interesting for future planning for the return of your child/ren or loved one.

The words highlighted are links to other pages. Please check them out. Let’s be informed safe, and reaching out to our loved ones wherever they might be.

A lot of time it helps when one can be in a peaceful frame of mind. Hopefully, the information provided here will help with the many challenging times to come ahead. Right now your life is changing right in front of your eyes, depending on the crime. Tempers will flare up and emotions will ebb and flow at various times and for different reasons. The stress alone will be enough to make one ill.  Please seek the help that is needed.

When faced with the emotions of the criminal justice system are you aware of what is going on? Such as the charges? What is plea bargain vs. going to trial? Why not alternative sentencing and Restorative Justice as common as the terms of the sentencing. Just what and where are the community and support groups to help one cope with the life-changing challenge one is about to embark on. Please visit PAM ( Prison Action Milwaukee on Facebook)


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