About Mothers of Felons

Hafeezah & Son

Mothers of Felons is a support site dedicated to helping mothers, loved ones, and caregivers find resources for advocating on behalf of their children, who are currently incarcerated or within the criminal justice system.

From selecting an attorney to locating your child in the state or federal system, you’re likely to have so many questions needing answers. Our verified resources help answer questions like:

How can you locate your child in the system, even if they have been arrested in another state?

What are the city/county ordinances and state / Federal laws that affect the alleged crime?

What the collateral consequences of the crime?

What is the difference in plea bargaining or going to trial?

As a mother with a child, currently serving time, I know how devastating this can be to one’s life and future outcome. It is my hope that the Mothers of Felons website can assist the community with the needed support in making life changing decisions that will not only affect their children, but  the outcomes and  effect on them and their families.

If you’d like to ask us a question or to contact us directly, please visit our contact form. Thank you!


Hafeezah Ahmad
Founder, Mothers of Felons

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